Why using glass Bongs?

Due to the fact that water bongs are easy to use, filter the smoke, and are readily accessible to the general public, water bongs have been around for decades.

We’ve put together a selection of bongs made from long-lasting borosilicate glass and other high-quality and safe materials for your shopping convenience (like silicone bongs).

As well as filtering the smoke to eliminate microscopic particles, the smoother and cooler hits that come out of the water pipes are also better. Some bongs use percolators, sometimes known as “percs,” which are a kind of filter. Smoke dispersion, condensation and cooling are enhanced by these properties.

Expert smokers throughout the world have been using water pipes for millennia, no matter what they’re smoking. In order to provide a more pleasant smoking experience, glass bongs filter and cool dried herbs or tobacco before inhalation. In certain cases, they include built-in percolators that allow for a smoother smoke.

When selecting a bong or water pipe, the following considerations should be made:

Flowers or concentrates, which is better? In order to do any dabbing Glass bongs, you must have a nail in order to be raised, hence you’ll need a bowl. Because of these two aspects, you should consider obtaining a detachable downstem so that you can get the most out of your marijuana. If you’re looking to buy glass for dabbing, check out our assortment of dab rigs.

Size really does important. Glass bongs come in three distinct joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm (the most common). We’re not talking about those joints, but rather the glass pieces that connect the pipe’s various sections. In order to further complicate the issue at hand, glass joints might be classified as either male or female. With so many percolators to choose from, the number of conceivable pipe combinations is almost endless.

It is easy for glass to break. Due to the expert Guarantee, Smoke Cartel gives a warranty. That thing is a danger!

Cleaning. Nothing in this world can be said to be good in the long run. Does it take much effort to maintain the item’s cleanliness? We recommend consulting our cleaning guide if you’re not sure where to begin your search.

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