Tips on Hiring a Masonry Contractor


When hiring a masonry contractor you are hiring someone to do some stone or brick work on your fireplace, your porch, your sidewalk, etc. If this is your first time to hire one there are some things that you should ask them before you sign the contract to have the work done. One important thing to remember is that according to the Mason Contractors Association of  Masonry in Nashville America (MCAA) a qualified mason is trained to work with different types of materials. These materials can include terra cotta tiles, natural rock, concrete brick, clay, stone, or ceramic. Not all masonry contractors have the exact same degree of skill and experience so make sure that you research your choices very carefully before you make your final choice.

After gathering several names of masonry contractors call them and make an appointment for them to come to your home to give you an estimate on the work that needs to be done. After getting a quote for Nashville Masonry the work you need done ask them if they are certified by the MCAA and if they hold a general contractor’s license. If they say yes ask to if you can see their license and certification. If they tell you it is at their shop make a note to stop by their shop to verify that they have them.

You should ask the potential masonry contractor you might hire when they expect to have the job completed. Although you cannot get an end date set in stone because problems can happen such as it could rain, they run into unforeseen problems, etc the contractor should be able to give you a tentative date of completion.

Another important question you need to ask is if they any references from other customers. Ask the masonry contractor if they can give you at least three names and phone numbers of previous customers. Call them and ask if they are satisfied with the work that was done and how they would rate the contractor. Ask if you could come see the project that was done. You should also ask to see proof of insurance. Ask what their payment schedule is and who is responsible for buying the materials. You should also find out who will be responsible for cleanup after the project is finished.

After interviewing all of the masonry contractors on your list compare their answers and then choose the one that best fits your needs. One last thing to remember is that if you pay anything up front whole the rest until the job is complete to your satisfaction.

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