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Hice hopes regulations ease over the next couple of years as public perception around cannabis changes but for now, he said his advice to farmers is to remain cautious and flexible. The market is still new and so is the product, but he believes his experience in Colorado shows there is a way to make a living in this new industry. His biggest concern for hemp growers is Utah’s law prohibiting hemp flower to be sold locally straight to consumers in Utah by local growers.

Organic Farmers Association Farm Members voted on the annual policy platform. All positions gained at least 75% support in every region, and every position received more than 85% of the national vote. Policy Director, Mark Rokala, provides an update on the state of D.C. Voters gave the Democratic Party keys to the House of Representatives on election night.

Feral hemp or ditch weed is usually a naturalized fibre or oilseed strain of Cannabis that has escaped from cultivation and is self-seeding. Since Hemp Foundry’s facility can handle 2,500 pounds of hemp a day, it processes product even for farmers who didn’t buy its clones. Horras says the foundry only sells clones because they believe that results in the best yields and highest-quality product for their farming partners, but they’ll take hemp grown from seed just the same. Carson plans to grow eight to 10 acres in 2019 and feels the market will be better when he is ready to sell his crop.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss FDA’s regulation of hemp products. To conduct clinical research that could potentially lead to an approved new drug, researchers need to submit an Investigational New Drug application to the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The six-year “HBCU Promise” program will support endowments, capital projects, operating expenses, and educational programs in clean energy. In all, 60 scholarships totaling $500,000 will be awarded in 2021. Of those, 20 scholarships of $5,000 each will be made available for students enrolled in two-year schools, while 40 scholarships of $10,000 each will be awarded to students enrolled in four-year schools.

Historically, hemp production had made up a significant portion of antebellum Kentucky’s economy. Before the American Civil War, many slaves worked on plantations producing hemp. Commercial production of industrial hemp has been permitted in Canada since 1998 under licenses and authorization issued by Health Canada.

The bast fibers can be used to make textiles that are 100% hemp, but they are commonly blended with other fibers, such as flax, cotton or silk, as well as virgin and recycled polyester, to make woven fabrics for apparel and furnishings. The inner two fibers of the plant are woodier and typically have industrial applications, such as mulch, animal bedding, and litter. When oxidized (often erroneously referred to as “drying”), hemp oil from the seeds becomes solid and can be used in the manufacture of oil-based paints, in creams as a moisturizing agent, for cooking, and in plastics. A survey in 2003 showed that more than 95% of hemp seed sold in the European Union was used in animal and bird feed.

By 2021, the number of hemp acres harvested had fallen to 190 acres out of 586 licensed and 276 planted. Because all plants require phosphorous, most commercially available soil mixes will be rich in this macronutrient. Importantly, phosphorous comes from bone meal, rock phosphate, compost, and certain manures, among other sources.

Like the above two methods, place the tray in a warm, dark location. As the cultivation territory of hemp spreads throughout the country and starts to encroach on outdoor marijuana grows, it’s likely that we can see increased number CBD PODS of conflicts in relation to cross-pollination arise. If you choose to use this method, make sure not to soak the soil when watering. Like the above two methods, place the tray in a warm, dark location after inserting the seeds.

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Remember, that does not include the cost of post-harvest processing, farming machinery, tools, or the costs to acquire land. In Colorado, where about 53,000 acres were planted last year, only about a fourth of hemp farms were tested, said Brian Koontz, Colorado’s industrial hemp program manager. The selection process takes into account which farms are most likely to test hot, including farmers who grew high-THC plants the year before and farmers new to growing hemp. A thriving hemp industry is emerging in South Carolina despite some growing pains. When the South Carolina Department of Agriculture received approval for the state hemp plan under the USDA early in 2020, over 350 farmers in the state obtained licenses, and 220 farmers obtained licenses in 2021 to grow hemp for its valuable flowers. The decline in applications for licenses to grow hemp between the two years was due to nationwide overproduction of floral hemp in 2020, which prevented some farmers from selling their product.

In spite of federal prohibition, public support in the state for marijuana reform continued to grow. In 2003, Seattle passed an initiative making adult marijuana possession the lowest priority of law enforcement agencies in the city. A 2010 poll by the University of Washington found that 52% of Washington voters supported removing criminal and civil penalties for marijuana possession.

One of the greatest resources an entrepreneur can have is quality mentorship. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get the help you need. Getting a phone set up for your business is one of the best ways to help keep your personal life and business life separate and private.

A piecemeal storage experiment is going on throughout the state as farmers test their patience with a crop with unknown best practices for storage. Some are storing raw floral material while others are contracting with processors to process material into crude oil. What is actually occurring chemically to the plant material is also not known.

Additionally, because of the hemp’s relation to marijuana, they had originally required that biomass be tested in a DEA-approved lab. There is a limited number of these labs, so that requirement would have likely led to lengthy wait times for test joy organics cbd gummies results. This high wait time would, of course, have impacted THC and CBD content. Aware they were made aware of this issue, the USDA retracted this requirement, and plans to work with the DEA during the 2021 season to issue new guidelines.

Without that forward thinking, though, poor planting can end your harvest before it even begins. That said, even the best laid plans can still result in some unfortunate events. Here are some horror stories that we think are worth learning from to hopefully help you avoid them yourselves. You may have heard the term autoflower, or autoflowering, before in the cannabis industry, but may not know exactly how it is different from other types. What are the pros and cons of autoflowers, and how is growing them different from regular types of hemp? Let’s break down autoflowers to help you decide if this type of hemp is right for you and your individual farming situation.

Many farms do not have a written lease, or the written lease is decades old. In Illinois people can have oral farm leases, but hemp is not like beans or soy – hemp requires a license from the state and has restrictions against who may grow it or process it. “In our first year it has become very apparent that hemp is tailor-made for Michigan … We plan to make our own little part of the country not only a major player within the industry but the location for growing premium organic hemp.” The 4-page long document tellingly concludes that “a complete list of the potential uses for hemp fibers is too long to provide here”, and that “again, an entire list of potential uses of hemp grain is very long”.

Our estimate of 2020 CBD/cannabinoid biomass production is just over half our estimate for 2019, which was 90 million to 112 million pounds.” While Hemp Foundry extracts all biomass immediately into crude oil to avoid mold issues with storing, it keeps the oil as winterized crude oil until it can fill an order. Sometimes the oil is turned into a full-spectrum oil that includes cannabinoids other than CBD; other times a 100% CBD isolate is produced.

The growth of the market for CBD oil means that there are plenty of outlets not just for hemp fibers but also for the plant’s other derivatives. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Due to new rules about chemicals in hemp plants, some Tennessee hemp farmers worry they’ll have to destroy some of their crops. Due to new rules about chemicals in hemp plants, some Tennessee hemp farmers worry they’ll have to destroy some of their crops. “Hemp has been under the iron fist of unreasonable government regulations and farmers have risked everything with hemp crops that went hot due to no fault of their own,” Haddad said. By growing the crop outside instead of in a building or greenhouse, where all 21 medical cannabis cultivators in the state currently produce due to security requirements, the two outdoor hemp farmers in 2018 were able to grow much bigger plants.

FDA has made it a priority to address these questions, and we are working diligently to make progress. However, FDA will only consider creating legal pathways for CBD to be marketed as a dietary supplement or in a food if the Agency is confident that it can develop a framework that addresses safety concerns. Another issue that FDA plans to consider is whether allowing CBD to be marketed as a dietary supplement or in a food will deter clinical research to substantiate additional therapeutic uses for cannabis-derived compounds.

As of late, we have caught wind of small amounts of hemp biomass destined for essential oil production being sought by processors. However, not nearly the amount needed to significantly reduce current farm stores. In the state and the nation, we are still dealing with both oversupply, processing capacity issues, and demand issues. The supply will eventually be used up or destroyed because of quality denigration. Processing capacity will be a function of consumer demand and the overall market structure of hemp processors as this industry matures. If hemp crops contain more than 0.3% THC the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana those plants must be destroyed.

Drug cannabis is sourced from strains of Cannabis plants that were bred specifically to contain high levels of THC and low concentrations of CBD. Supporters of industrial hemp farms often try to draw attention to this point when discussing the legal framework around the plant, as it invalidates much of the reasoning behind the regulation of hemp. Image via Pixabay.However, the association between drug cannabis and industrial hemp led to the latter going from a legal to illegal, and then back to a heavily-regulated but legal crop at various times throughout the world. It has only been seven months since the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp, which includes low- THC derivatives of cannabis, such as CBD products, from the definition of marijuana in the CSA.

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Organic sales are booming, but unfortunately it seems, so is fraud. USDA has just released the Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule to address these issues and try to curtail fraud. North Carolina farmers interested in growing hemp in 2022 will begin getting their licenses from the U.S. Department of Agriculture as North Carolina wraps up its pilot program in conjunction with federal rules going into effect this year. Letters were sent to the 1,500 licensed hemp producers in the state notifying them of the change. Working directly with an extraction company instead of selling in bulk to processors is adding up to three times the income for hemp farmers.

We believe organic farmers were instrumental in creating our successful organic market and must be leaders in directing its future. It is one of few labels that has a strong meaning and a system of federal oversight to provide a consistent definition. However, trust in the label has been shaken by recent high-profile, mass-volume fraudulent sales with malicious intent—a tragedy for the both the farmers and consumers.

In 1995, the Green Cross Patient Co-op of Bainbridge Island became the first buyers club in the country to be raided by law enforcement. The cooperative, run by Joanna McKee and Ronald L. Miller, provided cannabis at little or no cost to over 70 patients with diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Both McKee and Miller were arrested, and around 130 cannabis plants were seized. The case was later dismissed when a Kitsap County judge ruled that the search warrant used to execute the raid was invalid.

Updates on USDA’s work on long-delayed regulations for organic livestock, what’s happening with organic certification cost share reimbursement, and the latest steps in Congress on climate change and agriculture. 7,739 organic consumers and farmers submitted a complaint to B Lab against Danone North America, owner of Horizon Organic. The complaint outlines violations the company has made against the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence. These farmers and consumers are members and supporters of the eleven organizations that submitted a complaint earlier this month against Danone N.A./Horizon. This is the first batch of signatures that will be submitted to B Lab. The2018 Farm Bill directed USDA to establish a national regulatory framework for hemp production in the United States. He pointed out that Coexist ran tests with a well-known equipment manufacturer’s hemp harvesting gear—to see whether it could harvest and bale the notoriously thick and knotty hemp crop.

Historical accounts tell us that it was so unpleasant, people straight-up did not want to work on retting hemp. Alan Frost writes in Botany Bay that by the 1780s, “there was a long tradition in Britain of making the poor and criminals do this work”. In Cannabis, Chris Duval writes that the ecological impact of retting was severe; retting makes water undrinkable and can kill off local wildlife through eutrophication. One can trace the use of hemp textiles throughout Europe, he explains, by tracking layers of its pollen in lakes and ponds.

Hemp has topped the list of best animal bedding for all the mentioned benefits. It’s up to individual states to address their own policy regarding hemp cultivation. If you are a hemp grower, you’ll want to check the laws established in your state. Click here for more information on State Industrial Hemp Statutes. Any crop is subject to pests and disease, and hemp is no exception. Keep in mind when learning how to grow hemp, that it is subject to a number of different garden pests and pathogens.

From there, the oils are sold and labeled under brands such as Simple Soul to be stocked on shelves around the state. Companies from across the country come to Hemp Foundry to buy CBD as well. Big investments in hemp processing facilities is creating a reliable market for a new cash crop to replace tobacco. A farmer who grows hemp but doesn’t have the facility to process it is left with no option but to sell the raw material at throwaway rates. That, and a general shift towards locally grown, environment-friendly produce will make farm fresh hemp a popular buzzword. This means that countries would produce and consume hemp nationally and not be as open to the international trade of hemp.

Finally, and this should seem obvious but is still important to note, is to make sure the fields are clean. Because there are no federally approved herbicides to use on hemp, and no need for any with minor preparation, it is important to remove all weeds before planting. Tillage has proven to be a successful method for clearing fields for hemp.

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Logos can be simple, but need to represent your business and objectives in a positive way. You want people to feel good about your brand when they see it, even without thinking about it. The tagline should be very unique to your brand, short, and memorable.

In the 19th century and onward, the market saw a decline during its rapid illegalization in many countries. Hemp has resurfaced in green building construction, primarily in Europe. The modern-day disputes regarding the legality of hemp lead to its main disadvantages; importing and regulating costs.

Typically, once you send in your report, the department of agriculture will assign a sample date. Some will send a sampler or some will give you a date to send your sample into a lab by. One important thing to note is the recent legislation changes regarding testing labs. Now, all laboratories testing hemp must be DEA approved and test for total THC not just delta-9 THC.

It also didn’t help very much that industrial hemp is subject to various degrees of legal standing in different parts of the world due to its association with drug cannabis. In the first year of what was originally a pilot program, two Maine farmers grew a quarter acre of hemp between them. As public demand for anything with CBD in it soared, so did the wholesale value of CBD-rich hemp.

The nature of farming is to be unpredictable, but you can use your knowledge and online resources to have a rough plan in place through the winter to revise as you need. Prepare your soil/apply nutrients – As mentioned previously, some nutrients require a few months of being worked into the soil before they can be used by your cannabis plants. Many rock fertilizers and lime can be applied many months ahead with great success. Those who have tillage programs can sometimes find a nice warm day in the winter to till the soil and work in any nutrients or compost that you may add.

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Our rigorous plan, frequent testing and cleaning processes will support a haven for all our on-campus students. August 20, 2020 – Central State University announced it will receive a $2.2M five year federal grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to help more students succeed in and graduate from college through its TRiO Student Support Services department. Central State is only one of eight programs to receive this grant award. “The record-breaking achievements of the past 18 months are aligned with several University priorities and our newly developed strategic plan,” said Thomas.

We believe that CSU’s preparedness provides a safe place for our students. We also realize the importance of providing a remote solution so that all students can join and continue their education journey. Just in the last academic year, Central State University’s metrics provided a clear picture of the positive impact the program has had on its participants. Eighty-nine percent of the students persisted and stayed in school, eighty-six percent were in good academic standing, and fifty-nine percent graduated with a bachelor’s degree. For over 20 years, Central State University TRiO Student Support Services department has managed a comprehensive, researched-based program with measurable objectives that are aligned to the university’s mission and strategic goals. “It certainly warms our hearts to partner with them as we develop the next generation of innovative leaders.”

Hemp jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches, and other adornments. Some jewellery features beads made from crystals, glass, stone, wood and bones. The hemp twine varies in thickness and comes in a variety of colors. There are many different stitches used to create hemp jewellery, however, the half knot and full knot stitches are most common.

Although Serbin was never a farmer himself, he had been selling hemp seeds to growers in other states through Hemp Traders. In 2019, he gave seeds to several California farmers, who agreed to grow the seed and track performance; however, none of them followed through. All hemp currently grown in Ontario, says Haney, should be under contract for certified seed production, oilseed/grain processing, or fibre processing. Grain is shipped to food processors such as Alimentes Trigone in Quebec, Manitoba Harvest in Manitoba, or Hemp Production Services and Blue Sky Hemp Ventures in Saskatchewan. The VT Hemp Co. conducts its own research into the crop’s environmental impact and its entry into a national market. Partnered with Dr. Brian Voigt of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont, the company conducts research on genetics, equipment, and process flow.

The Dutch Bucket aquaponics system utilizes buckets connected to your fish tank via a central line. The water is pumped through this, into each bucket, and then allowed to drain back into the fish tank to be cycled through again. These relief funds are intended to provide emergency financial assistance to students for the unexpected costs they incurred related to the disruption of campus operations. When the relief funds are received by the University, allocated amounts will be issued through direct deposits into students’ accounts. University officials anticipate that the funds will be released by the federal government by May 1.

Mechanization involves the development, implementation, and use of machines in a particular field, while automation refers to the use of control systems (i.e. software) to run those machines and reduce the need for human oversight. If we put our mind to it, we can develop automated installations for the processing of hemp — and thus remove one of its largest drawbacks. Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence, stating that “all men are created equal”, in 1776. extract wellness full spectrum hemp cbd oil Where industrial hemp really picked up the pace was when people figured out they can use it for fiber and textiles. As we’ve seen earlier, this happened very early in Asia; by the 3rd millennium BC, people living in today’s China and Turkestan were already using it as raw material for textiles, and it is believed to have been the basis of the earliest forms of paper. Drug cannabis is sourced from hemp plants bred specifically to produce psychoactive compounds.

Like several of the companies involved in the hemp industry, Sugarmade was drawn to the sector by an interest in the wider cannabis market. The company’s main business is the supply of hydroponic equipment used for indoor agriculture. The growth of the legal cannabis market has fueled profits for Sugarmade as growers have valued its supplies. Now the company is diversifying its presence in the thriving sector. Strathmeyer says he expects to see continued growth for the state’s hemp industry in the years to come as people begin to understand the dynamics of growing hemp and gain optimism about its market potential. He sees promise especially in animal feed and other markets that utilize industrial hemp.

The new Green Root Extraction Services alliance will increase access to national markets and resources while providing a farmer-to-farmer support network currently limited in the Southeast. Additionally, the collaboration will provide regional cannabis processing companies with a reliable source for top-quality hemp flower and crude oil. The opportunities are there, and can come in a wide range of options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Harvesting Thousands Of Acres Of Hemp For The First Time In Several Decades

The contract provisions to allocate expenses and profits can be drafted any way the farmer and the landlord want. Industrial hemp farming caught on in the South and not in the North because slave labor concentrated in this area, so farmers and hemp processing businesses had ample access to free labor. Hopkins also hints at this, stating that “farms with limited labor pools cbd fruchtgummis höhle der löwen grew less or no hemp” in Kentucky. Image via Pixabay.But advances in metallurgy, textile processing, and material science haven’t been kind to the humble hemp. For all its uses, industrial hemp is a very labor-intensive plant to process, is picky about environmental conditions, and requires fertile land to grow — prime fields that can otherwise be used to grow food.

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If I want to market to women, I want to have that marketing effort be led by women. And then, of course, as I was saying before, the end product is more expensive in the hemp-CBD space. For example, at Kadenwood , we’re bringing costs down because we’re truly vertical.

Usda Misses Origin Of Livestock Deadline: Ofa Sends Letter To Congress

It is sometimes supposed that an excerpt from Washington’s diary, which reads “Began to seperate the Male from the Female hemp at Do.&—rather too late” is evidence that he was trying to grow female plants for the THC found in the flowers. Hemp plants can be vulnerable to various pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, nematodes, viruses and other miscellaneous pathogens. Such diseases often lead to reduced fiber quality, stunted growth, and death of the plant. These diseases rarely affect the yield of a hemp field, so hemp production is not traditionally dependent on the use of pesticides.

And the cooperative helps farmers figure out how to even grow the crop in the first place. Regional agriculture leaders are championing hemp’s potential for farms of all sizes. Hemp seed has a similar market value as fiber, though seeds are more commonly huile de cbd menton measured in pounds rather than tons. This may sound like a very small number, however you can expect to harvest around 1,000 pounds of hemp seed per acre of hemp. Like hemp grown for fiber, the production costs for seed is about $300 to $350 per acre.

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No one answer is correct, but there is one big reason that your hemp farm lease should be in writing. Cash Rent farm leases trade participating in the profit from the sales of the crop with the predictability of specific amounts of rent that become due. “We made it to the end, we were able to have a successful crop, we were able to produced about 1,200,000 pounds of dried biomass, which we’re pretty pleased with,” Keith Hagen said. “We’re now excited to get our product into CBD manufacturers’ hands. Keith Hagen and his brothers with Hempure plan to continue farming hemp in 2020. Hemp farming data for the pilot program is being collected by MDARD and is expected to be compiled in a report for release early next year, Holton said.

This type of soil is easy to work with, provides excellent drainage, does not easily become compacted, and provides enough space for oxygen to reach the plants’ roots. However, it is not ideal for hemp because it generally has a low pH and does not retain water or nutrients. Farmers using sandy soil likely will have to water and fertilize their plants frequently. This process can becomeexpensive, as fertilizers and water are not always cheap, and applying them can be time-consuming. Although soil is an excellent medium for growing hemp, farmers must choose the right soil type and maintain it to ensure a successful harvest.

The gift will support a $1.9 million update to university athletic facilities, replacing the university’s grass field with a turf field for football and soccer, and upgrading the track to championship caliber. The Board of Trustees is appointing a Presidential Search Advisory Committee to work with our search consultants, Academic Search, Inc. and the Board in conducting this national search. The 12-member Presidential Search Advisory Committee will be broadly representative and includes representation from the student body, faculty, administration, alumni, members of the community as well as members of the Board of Trustees. The Presidential Search Advisory Committee will be chaired by Trustee Vice Chair Rev. Larry Macon, Jr.

Debra Borchardt is the CEO, Co-Founder, and Editor-In-Chief of GMR. She has covered the cannabis industry for several years at Forbes, Seeking Alpha and TheStreet. Prior to becoming a financial journalist, Debra was a Vice President at Bear what strength cbd oil for plantar fasciitis Stearns where she held a Series 7 and Registered Investment Advisor license. Debra has a Masters degree in Business Journalism from New York University. While stepping into a new process, Johnstone said his plants look nearly perfect.

While commenting sessions have been held with the USDA, farmers are still anxiously awaiting revisions to the strict regulations that the USDA has put into place. All that they can do is patiently wait and hope that the USDA sees the issues and will make a motion to fix them. Required testing of plants within 15 days of the anticipated harvest. Jack continues to say, “They can’t compete with the old hemp states.” Meaning they will have a huge disadvantage compared to those operating under the old regulations. Hemp farmers and lawmakers were pushing for the extension, as many states, tribes, and territories within the nation would not be ready for the switch to the stricter hemp laws that are being implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture .

The price for CBD biomass continues to stabilize, as prices remained steady for January, according to the Hemp Benchmarks report, while rates for extracted CBD products decreased this month. Nearly a decade ago, hemp was also used to produce biodiesel at the University of Akureyri, Pámi continues and that’s something else the Gautavík farmers are eager to try. “Say you’re No. 1 on the list and you’ve got 100 liters of crude sitting at our facility. We’ll get a phone call from someone looking for 15 kilograms of isolate and they’re willing to pay $20,000. And several pet parents and pet supply companies are recognizing this. Consequently, several companies are entering the market for hemp pet products.

THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana, and is also present in trace amounts in hemp. Hemp with THC levels above 0.3 percent is reclassified as the crop’s illegal cannabis cousin, and has to be thrown out. Pesticides are still being tested to control weeds and insects, federal crop insurance for hemp won’t be available until next year, and in some cases, THC levels in hemp can spike above the federal limit that classifies the crop as hemp.

The state Senate ultimately rejected the bill, however, leaving local farmers to deal with falling prices while Congress debates whether to allow the country’s once-thriving hemp industry to return in full force. Regardless of these complications, a growing number of farmers are making the switch to hemp. Nearly 10,000 acres of the plant were harvested in Colorado last year, while Oregon farmers harvested under 3,500 acres, and Montana, Nevada, and Washington each harvested around 1,000 acres each. delta 10 thc omaha The country’s growing demand for CBD-based medicines has exponentially increased the value of hemp, and some farms are reporting revenue of $90,000 per acre — a significant gain on the $600 a farmer can make from an acre of alfalfa. Hemp has traditionally been grown around the world for its strong fibers, which have been used to produce clothing, rope, and paper products. In colonial America, hemp was an extremely popular crop, and even George Washington grew hemp on his Mount Vernon estate.

Jay Leno is no stranger to hot rides, as he’s been on a number of airwaves showing off his vehicles over the years. “This fiber supply contract marks a historic milestone in the U.S. Hemp Industry, and particularly for American-made hemp textiles, since the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill,” Bastcore CEO John Lupien said in an announcement obtained by Business Insider.

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