International EOR-A Powerful Service For Your Company


Opening a physical company and hiring employees in new international markets means that companies need to have strong expertise and experience in cross-border labor law compliance and human resource management, while also spending a lot of time and money on related matters. At this point, a third-party employer that provides you with HR services becomes a good choice.

Why choose international EOR?

International EOR is a powerful service for your company. It’s a way to connect with potential employees in other countries and save you time and money. Here are five reasons why you should consider:

It saves you time and money. With international EOR, you can quickly and easily find qualified employees in other countries. You’ll no longer have to spend time searching through contacting recruiters directly.

It’s a global resource. International EOR can provide you with a pool of talented candidates from all over the world.

It makes it easier to comply with immigration laws. You can ensure that your company complies with all relevant immigration laws. This will protect both your business and your employees from potential legal issues.

It opens up new markets for your company. By international EOR, you can expand your reach into new markets overseas.

4 basic criteria for choosing a suitable international EOR

Have a legal entity in the target market country and be able to hire local employees

Legal hiring people locally is the most basic requirement for choosing an international EOR. Having a local office or account manager will help companies and employees to find contacts and deal with problems easily and quickly, without misunderstandings due to jet lag or secondary communication.

Possess professional knowledge of international human resources

International EOR has rich experience and professional knowledge in dealing with international payroll, tax legislation, and human resource operation of multinational enterprises, and can explain the science of enterprises in a simple and clear way

Security, confidentiality, and efficient management of employee compensation and personal information

Compensation and employee information is highly confidential and sensitive. At the same time, cross-border compensation management involves standards such as global consistency of external competitiveness and internal fairness.

Clarify the important terms in the commercial agreement

The commercial agreement between a multinational company and its international EOR is important legal evidence to clarify the responsibilities of each party and a key measure for reviewing the international EOR.


The demand for International EOR in today’s market is getting wider and wider, and more and more companies choose international EOR for human resource management services. BIPO perfectly complies with the above four basic criteria. When choosing a human resource outsourcing service provider, you can consider BIPO. We are committed to providing customers with efficient solutions.


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