How to make Cutting Mild Steel Round Easier


You should know that cutting mild steel round is a very simple procedure to do. There are already so many different methods that make cutting mild steel round rather easy and all you have to do is make a choice among the different methods, and you can start working.

Waterjet Cutting is another method of cutting through steel flat a several other types of steel products. It works by using extreme water pressure of about 33, 000 – 75, 000 PSI and a collection of abrasives made of different sizes of rocks, garnet, to cut through steel. They can cut through about six inches of metal and tolerate about +/- 0. 003 inches, and it can cut through metal and even ceramic. The only disadvantage is that it follows quite a slow process; so if you are requiring fast cutting, then you definitely should not o Genteng Metal Pasir pt for a waterjet cutting at all.

Plasma Cutting uses extreme temperature to be able to pass electricity and work on the metal. Very high temperature melts the metal in smaller particles and it does a very efficient job with the use of a combination of gases and electricity. This is probably the fastest method of cutting and it can really cut through even the thickest kinds of metal.

The next method is Laser Cutting and it uses ultraviolet light to vaporize metal to be able to cut it. It is quite modern and they can tolerate about 0. 0005 inches at a time. It is very fast and very precise and is known to be the most professional method of cutting through steel flat and all other types of very thin steel products. If you are doing an intricate design on steel, like in decorating, laser cutting is the method you need because it is very precise and accurate. Some of the very powerful lasers can cut through steel that are as thick as 1. 35 inches and it does this successful job by the combination of gases and electricity.

Another method that is becoming popular nowadays is cutting by use of power tools. These power tools can be cordless for allow ease of use or they can come with cord, if you want it to be more powerful. These power tools can efficiently cut through steel and they are powerful enough to go through very thick types of metal.

Cordless power tools are fixed with a circular saw that have carbide tips that make them strong enough to cut through all kinds of steel. They run at very impressive levels of rpm and they come complete with a guard so that you are protected from metal shavings that come apart while you are cutting through the metal.

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