Electronic Payment Now Offered by Self Storage Providers


Many self storage facilities are now implementing the electronic payment system for the convenience of their clients. With this option, it is straightforward for tenants to pay their monthly rent while at home or in their office. It saves time and gas cost in going to the facility just to pay their due.

As with shops, the electronic payment option indeed attests advantageous to several people particularly the busy professionals and business owners. By just going online and using their credit card, they can pay through the company’s website any time of the day or night they are available.

Experts are also encouraging providers that have established their websites to ensure that their sites are optimized for mobile phones. With the increasing number of individuals owning touch screen phones and pills these days, it would benefit facilities to cater to this group as well. By making a website available in mobiles, customers can easily pay attention to accessibility to units and search for other relevant information while on the move.

On the part of self storage facilities, they can also go for these mobile phones to simply accept payments whether onsite or remotely. The staff or the administrators can utilize these modern technologies if they desire to do so.

Some administrators also look at this a good option particularly for over due tenants who may be self-conscious to show their face following a month or so of not paying their rent. At least through the online payment system, they can still makeup for their missed payments and cashtab app never having to see the reaction of the staff and the facility’s manager.

So what are the technologies that self storage can use to provide a convenient payment choice to their tenants?

Website — Having a website is a big advantage. It not only provides customers with a way to gather information about your company and your services but it can also provide a payment option such as via credit card or PayPal. Make sure then that your website is fully functional to encourage clients and other internet surfers to visit it regularly when they have questions or if they want to pay their monthly rent.

Smart phone — Providers enables customers via their touch screen phones as long as they make their website available on mobile phones. Many people prefer to make use of this today because they can do various tasks using this instant device even when they’re out of the house or their office or while they’re traveling.

Pill — Again, websites have to be presented on mobile to encourage self storage tenants to use electronic payment systems. This way, they can still pay their monthly rent even without visiting the facility at its location.

Although these facilities may have a nearby or regional wide customer base only, utilizing these modern payment technologies is still effective. Consumers normally follow convenience and when their self storage provider or any organization even is able to give this to them, you can be assured of their loyalty dancing. And implementing a digital payment system is definitely one way of providing this sought after convenience.

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